Water is a Precious Resource

and It’s Only Getting More Precious.

Residential bills in Southern California have increased an average of 40% since 2007. Synthetic Grass is a one sure way to conserve lots of it – because unlike natural grass, artificial grass needs no H2O to stay green. How much water can you save?

Your mileage may vary, but typically, outdoor watering accounts for about two-thirds of a homeowner’s water bill, so an installation of waterless synthetic grass is definitely going to make a difference.

Here’s another equation to consider. According to such authorities as the National Weather Service and Metropolitan Water District, one square foot of fescue or Bermuda lawn in this region will require an average of 45 gallons per year to look green and healthy. However, most lawns are overwatered, often twice as much as needed according to the agencies mentioned above. That’s 90 gallons per square foot. Now consider that as much as half that water is lost to evaporation. Suddenly, statistically, a square foot of sod is responsible for 135 gallons of water in a year.